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Commercial - Stationary - GERNI DUO BOOSTER


The Gerni Duo Booster 2 pump high pressure cleaning unit is suitable for some of the most intense applications you can find.

Assuring regular day to day cleaning often for more than eight hours per day, the Gerni Duo Boosters are reliable partners in eliminating tough dirt and grime in the industrial sector and maintaining hygiene levels in agricultural, food plants, mining, general industry, shipping or construction.

The DUO BOOSTER is a 2-pump model for heavy cleaning applications with 1 or 2 users at same time. The design with stainless steel cabinet and frame ensure that hygiene is optimal, with no risk of corrosion. The DUO BOOSTER EXTENDED is equipped with a PCB - extended electronics allowing the use of factory mounted options such as remote control, coin boxes, frost protection. The DUO BOOSTER can thus be adapted to most customer specific requirements.

There are a number of accessories available for this unit dependant on individual workplace requirements, please contact our office for details.

  Pressure - 2320 PSI
  Weight - 160 kg.
  Three phase power.
  2 pump system for use by 1 or 2 people at same time.
  Stainless steel design for added hygiene and protection against corrosion.
  High level of serviceability.
  Water break tank.
  Heavy duty C3 pump for long working life.
  PCB for use of factory mounted options.
  One Year Warranty.