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Domestic - Medium/High Duty - GERNI SUPER 140.3 Plus

GERNI SUPER 140.3 Plus

$627 inc GST.
The newly upgraded 140.3 model offers improved reliability, mobility, and all-round high performance level GERNI SUPER 140.3.
The 140.3 pressure washer offers the user an incredible degree of power, which means that this machine handles all kinds of cleaning jobs. The slim-line and upright design ensures high mobility. For all types of medium to high frequency cleaning tasks around the house.

The Gerni Super 140.3 is very mobile, due to the upright and ergonomic design and the extra handle for lifting. The storage options include also storage of the Click&Clean (C&C) auto brush or a rotary brush. The height of the unit ensures good ergonomic. The integrated hose reel makes it easy to reel-up the high pressure hose. The C&C nozzle system makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. The standard bayonet coupling ensures compatibility to the consumer accessories range. It is standard with a reliable and long lasting induction motor. It can be stored and used as a stationary solution on the wall by separate wall-hook. The 140.3 comes standard with a Tornado Nozzle, Powerspeed Nozzle, Foam Sprayer and Wall Rack for storage. In addition it has 10m steel braided hose on a reel, G4 Gun, Click and Clean nozzles, PatioPlus Cleaner, Auto Brush, Auto Nozzle.

  Reliable aluminium pump.
  Pressure - 2030 PSI.
  Water Flow - 8.3L/Min
  Weight - 18kg.
  Trolley for high mobility.
  Integrated hose reel.
  Storage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayer.
  Integrated storage for hose and electric cable.
  Pressure regulation.
  Click&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of the nozzle.
  Automatic start/stop.
  Good working posture due to the long lance.
  Sturdy and robust design.
  Noice reduction by rubber suspension of the motor pump unit.
  It can be used as a stationary solution with a seperate wall hook.
  Five Year Warranty - Home Use only